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Legal Herbs And Natural Smoking Herbs - Rare, Potent & Exotic.

All of the premium grade legal herbs offered here are of the highest quality and freshness and have been used as smoking herbs for centuries. We do not sell these exotic herbs for any intention or purpose. The legal herbs sold here (even in bulk ) are premium high grade wild crafted or organic smoking grade herb. Due to the possible use of these herbs as smoking herb adult signature is required for all orders. The descriptions listed below are very brief and may or may not be supported by scientific studies. Most of these herbs have hundreds of different uses. Educating yourself on any that you purchase will enable you to get much more out of them. Most of the legal herbs on this page are pure leaf or flower: not "herb". There is a big difference. If you were to purchase the best Wild Dagga "herb" you would be purchasing the whole plant ground up. For smoking or vaping purposes that is certainly not what you want. Sun Coast herbs are processed by hand using several different patent pending techniques depending on the herb to remove unwanted debris in the herbs, create a uniform consistency and save the leaf without turning it to an un-smokeable powder.  You can only find this exclusive premium product right here. 

The herbs on this page are not sold for any intention or purpose. Some herbs may have interactions with pregnancy, nursing and medications. Should you as an legal adult chose to consume them and you are pregnant, nursing or on any medications, consult with your doctor first.



Premium Organic cut and sifted leaf. Damiana is said to stimulate the genito- urinary tract, acting as a mild aphrodisiac and also produces a euphoria for 1 to 1 1/2 hours. Premium Smoking Herb.

$10.00 oz


 Blue Lotus

Ancient people used Egyptian blue lotus flower as an entheogen it is also said to be a strong aphrodisiac. This is not the domestic mix its pure grade A+ African flower. You can not buy blue lotus of any higher grade.

$20.00 1/2oz



 Wilddagga.com Wild Dagga Leaf

The famous euphoric smoke of the Hottentot Tribe. This high quality smoking herb is harvested for us and only us when we need it. Just look at the picture. That was picked and dehydrated only days before it was taken. Extremely fresh and potent smoking herb. Wild Dagga and its relative Marihuanilla have been called one of the best legal alternatives known to man.

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$25.00 oz  Sold Out


 Wilddagga.com Klip Dagga Leaf

Strain of will dagga herb called Klip Dagga or Leonotis Nepetifolia. Smoke claim higher potency. This is organic premium leaf.

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$25.00 oz 


 Wilddagga.com Wild Dagga Flowers

Hand picked- this is gourmet product!! Wild dagga famous euphoric herbal smoke of the Hottentot tribe of Central Africa. The leaves and flowers from this plant have been called one of the best alternatives known to man. One should use caution when using. Dagga has been shown to be habit forming similar to tobacco.

More Information

30.00 1/2oz




 Wilddagga.com Marihuanilla Leaf

The inhabitants of the rugged and remote mountainous region in the Mexican state of Chiapis call this herb Marahuanilla .(little Marijuana) We import this product when it is at certain stage of growth. At this stage it is much more leafy, much more potent and a smoother smoke. Unless someone is getting this from us wholesale you will not find this quality product anywhere else.

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$25.00 oz


 Wild Lettuce

Lactuca Virosa is said to soothe and calm anxiety and nervous irritation.

$15.00 oz  Sold Out


 Chinese Wormwood

Also called Yerba, Capillarius herb and Artemisia Capillaris. Light fluffy herb has be used as smooth enjoyable smoke for 100s of years. Not a lot to say here -Has become one of a few very popular smoking herbs. Used in many alternative herbal smoking blends. This is primo.

$15.00 oz


 Calea Zacatechichi Leaf

Mexican Dream Herb pure premium leaf. This is the highest quality Calea available anywhere at prices far less. Not sold for human consumption.( Sold as Incense )

$20.00 oz

St. John's Wort




 St. John's Wort 

This St. John's Wort is hand processed certified organic  St. John's Wort has shown to be a very safe herb and an effective treatment for mild depression it is also said to be a mood lifter and promote a feeling of well being.

St. John's Wort has shown to be very safe for healthy people not on any medications. If you are on medications please read below and consult with your doctor before using St. John's Wort.

St. John's Wort may have interactions with medications. If you are on any medications consult with your doctor before using St. John's Wort or Kanna.

$10.00 oz






Very powerful herb used for centuries as a mood enhancer.  Kanna is related to St.John's wort. - Sold as incense

Kanna has shown to be very safe for healthy people not on any medications. If you are on medications please read below and consult with your doctor before using Kanna.

Sceletium tortuosum is believed to act as a Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI) in the brain. Sceletium tortuosum in combination with common psychiatric medications including other SSRIs (such as Prozac) and MAO Inhibitors may cause injury or death! 

More Kanna Information

$15.00 2gm
Competitors Price: $24.85 for 1gm


 Sinicuichi Leaf

Natives believe that sinicuichi has sacred or supernatural qualities, since they hold that it helps them recall events which took place many years earlier as if they had happened yesterday. Others assert that they are able, with sinicuichi, to remember pre-natal events.

$20.00 oz

California Poppy

 California Poppy 

Certified premium organic California Poppy.

Should be avoided during pregnancy. May potentate pharmaceutical MAO-inhibitors.

$15.00 oz


 Passion Flower Leaf

Organic Passion Flower Pure Leaf.

$15.00 oz


 Jasmine Flowers

Premium hand processed with no waste product and uniform size. Said to be a relaxant for nerves and an aphrodisiac. Has historical uses as a tea and herbal remeday dating back thousands of years.

$10.00 oz


 Coltsfoot Leaf

Also known as British Tobacco. Said to be an alternative to tobacco and a lung herb. Ginger is the root of this plant.

$10.00 oz


 Lavender Flowers

Pure lavender flowers very high grade. Said to be relaxing, calming and mood lifting. They are also an exquisite smoke. But they are strong in flavor and potency. These are not sold for any intention or purpose but if you chose to smoke them start off with a very small amount. Enjoy

$15.00 oz


 Spearmint Leaf Organic

Very fresh organic pure leaf. Said to be mildly relaxing buy mostly used as a flavor enhancer.

$7.00 oz


 Mugwort Leaf

Sailors tobacco said to be a visionary herb that promotes lucid dreaming. Also said to have medicinal uses as a stimulant. Like all of the herbs we offer this is premium organic or wild crafted smoking grade mugwort.  Related to the famous wormwood plant.

$10.00 oz



A member of the Poppy family. Also known as Celandine Poppy. Very fresh strong herb.

$15.00 oz


 Mullein Leaf

Mullen is said to be used as a tobacco alternative and have some mildly euphoric properties. What Mullein is famous for is being a lung herb. It is said to clear and refresh the lungs even when smoked.

$7.00 oz


 Cat Nip Leaf And Flower

Pure, premium, organic, hand sifted Cat Nip Leaf and Flower. Said to aid in sleeping, stress reduction, and relaxation. Cat Nip has been smoked for hundreds of years.

$7.00 oz



Wormwood has become famous for being used to make the drink Absinth. But also has a long history for it's use as a smoking herb.

Women who are breastfeeding or pregnant should not take wormwood in any form. Those who are sensitive to plants in the Asteraceae family can get allergic reaction to wormwood. May interact with medications used to prevent seizures.

$15.00 oz


 Nettle Leaf

Said to be used as a rather strong smoking herb in some countries. Very rare, imported, premium hand sifted Nettle Leaf.

$10.00 oz

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