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Glass Spoons and Wood Hand Pipes

Quality Hand Pipes, including wood and glass.  It is our goal to provide our customers with the best products and the best price.  When we decided to expand our hand pipes selection, we contacted several glass blowers and glass pipe wholesalers. Great and very talented people.  We feel that these glass pipes are the best products we could offer for the best price and hope you agree. The glass spoons and wood hand pipes sold on this page are sold for use with our products only. You must be over the age of 18 to purchase hand pipes from the smoke shop. An adult signature is required upon receipt of merchandise.

Attention: We do not sell smoking accessories in the State of Florida. The State of Florida considers these products tobacco products. We do not sell any smoking accessories for use with tobacco.

3.5" Glass Spoon Pipe

 Glass Spoon Pipe

89mm ( 3.5" ) Glass spoons with swirls. Assorted colors. Sold for use with herbs and herbal smoking blends.


4" Silver Fumed Glass Spoon

 Heavy Silver Fumed Glass Spoon

100mm ( 4" )  hand blown heavy silver fumed glass spoons with marbles, swirls and square mouth pieces.  These pipes are designed to be smoked by holding the thick square tip flush to the lips. A house favorite.


3.75" Glass Spoon with Dichro Ribbon

 Glass Spoon with Dichro

95mm ( 3.75" ) Multi Colored Spoon with Dichro.  Hand blown think decorative glass spoons.  Each one is different. They are very fat which cools the smoke and helps to catch ash.


Herb Hand Pipe

 Wood Hand Pipes

Nice wood hand pipe. Approximately 3 1/2 inches long. Comes
with 2 stainless steal or brass screens. Sold for use with
herbs and herbal smoking blends.


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